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Our History

Murray Hougen, President and Founder, has been serving individuals and families with a comprehensive approach to financial planning since 2005. He has a passion about financial planning and sees it as a process that can profoundly influence and change the trajectory of people’s lives.

The InVision Wealth team strives to alleviate clients’ worry and doubt. Freedom from this worry allows clients to think in new ways and is expansive about new possibilities for life. Our philosophy is that wealth is about far more than money. We see it as a vital part of creating a great life.

“What we know so far…..

  1. All successful investing is goal focused and planning driven.  All failed investing is market focused and performance driven.
  2. All successful investors are continuously acting on a plan.  All failed investors are continually reacting to the markets.
  3. Everything else is commentary.”

~Nick Murray